attempto - ebusiness

attempto stands for professional IT - ebusiness for innovative solutions and trends.

Your homepage is your “virtual image” – a business card.
You are competing against other information and numerous offers – especially from competitors.
It is like in “real life” – your first impression counts!
You generally do not get a second chance to rouse prospective client’s interest (via your homepage or online shop).

Successful web sites require experience and topical expertise when it comes to the technical implementation and innovative visualisation.

We stand for this claim and develop your specific ebusiness solutions.
Here, we build on renowned standard software, e.g. xt:Commerce, Contenido, Drupal or TYPOlight. This guarantees the sustainability of your ebusiness solutions and prevents them from possibly having an isolated effect. In addition to the basic functionality, we therefore support you in the integration into third party systems, e.g. beginning with credit card statements, direct debit liability and other payment methods to logistics providers and data import/export in order to ensure a successful linkage to your ERP system.

What we offer:
Concept, consultancy and implementation of professional web sites to highly complex ebusiness solutions. We develop individual applications for your ebusiness. We also provide completely individual solutions for very specific requirements, i.e. apart from you, no one else has it on the market.
Online marketing consultancy. We advise you on which aspects you need to focus on to render your web site professional and efficient. Worldwide access opens the possibility to win customers and especially cultivate customer relationships. Here, our experience and support in the area search engine marketing is of great value.

On the way to success – also via ebusiness – we are your partner.